Olga Kisseleva, POWER STRUGGLE DC *​, April–May 2020


Olga Kisseleva’s projects are based on in-depth research and require serious preparation. The COVID19 period was an opportunity for her to work on virus behavior. This is how a new edition of her Power Struggle project came into being. The work in progress was launched in 2011 as a commission for the exhibition « Red Cavalry: Creation and Power in Soviet Russia between 1917 and 1945 » at Tate Modern and La Casa Encendida. The artist studies the similarities between the behavior of viruses and human behavior in situations of conflict, or difficulty, as described by Game Theory.

In the midst of the pandemic, when the world’s attention is focused on the virus and its behavior, the artist is initiating a new series of performances, in which she invites leading specialists in the fields affected by the crisis – medicine, virology, biology, but also finance, politics and culture – to comment on the viral confrontations as if they were divergences applied to their own field.

  • BC era = before COVID19, DC = during the COVID19 pandemic, AC = after COVID19. Source: LEONARDO provocation initiated in April 2020 by curators Roger Malina, Nina Czegledy and Joel Slayton.

POWER STRUGGLE DC with Claire Nettleton, video HD with sound 6:08. INQUIRE

Claire Nettleton is the Academic Curator for the Benton Museum of Art at Pomona College in California, USA, author of The Artist as Animal in 19th Century French Literature and organizer of Viral Culture: Bioart, COVID-19 and Society weekly webcast meetings with the art-science community and co-editor of a corresponding edited volume.


POWER STRUGGLE DC with Dominique Moulon, video HD with sound, 5:03. INQUIRE


Dominique Moulon is an independent curator, art critic and professor. Holder of a PhD in Arts and Sciences of the Art, he is a member of the Observatory of Digital Worlds in Humanities (OMNSH) and  the Observatory of Digital Worlds in Humanities (OMNSH). He  teaches at EPSAA (Advanced Professional Graphic Design School), ECV (School of Visual Arts), Parsons School for Design, SAIC (School of the Art Institute) of Chicago, and the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.


POWER STRUGGLE DC with Roman Hossein Khonsari, video HD with sound, 5:12.  INQUIRE


Dr Roman Hossein Khonsari is surgeon at the Necker Children Hospital and Associate Professor at the University of Paris. Specialist of maxillofacial surgery, he leads the laboratory “Development and growth of the skull” that studies pattern formation during cranio-facial development.


POWER STRUGGLE DC with Fabrizio Donini Ferretti, video HD with sound 9:53. INQUIRE


Fabrizio Donini Ferretti has twenty years of experience in financing the energy sector, with a focus on clean energies, environment, and climate change mitigation. His is an investment banker and financial advisor in the fields of energy and infrastructure, with private banks, multilateral institutions and private equity.


POWER STRUGGLE DC with Natalia Buryka, video HD with sound, 6:08. INQUIRE


Natalia Buryka is a public historian, essayist, specialist in modern political systems and cultural and educational projects in the field of human sciences. She is an organizer of the historical festival Secousse in Paris. ​In past, she is the editor of the French and Russian sections of the International Fédération for Public History

Courtesy of Alexandra de Viveiros Gallery